How to have “45 minute paydays” at home (video explains)

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I have a serious question for you. Would you be willing to invest 45 minutes of your time each day to build an income online? Are you interested in “45 minute paydays” to change your life?

This is a post from Matt Lloyd I’d like to share with you about a program called “45 Minute Paydays.”

57 year old Raena Lynn from Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho said YES to this question back in 2012.

45 Minute Paydays

What happened next is simply inspirational… watch here:

I still remember the first time I ever spoke with Raena.

It was back when I still used to do coaching calls, when MOBE was being built out of my bedroom in Perth, Australia.

She was a former teacher, had absolutely zero experience in internet marketing, yet desperately wanted to make a change.

When she was let go from her teaching job, she was put into a very difficult situation. She had no money coming in so was forced to take a job working at McDonalds.

When I was talking to Raena about sharing her story in this video, she was very hesitant to talk about her story.

She was almost ashamed to have worked at McDonalds (no offense to McDonalds).

But she was even more ashamed to talk about how at one point, her own kids had to bring her food so she could survive.

She did not want anyone to know about any of that.

But I told her to be very open about it all – and to wear it as a badge of honor.

The fact that she was able to start an online business in near poverty, with no experience, and go on to make 6 figures is inspirational.

It’s a story that should be shared with the masses, because it’s so powerful – and shows others what is possible.

Click Her To Watch Raena Lynn’s Story

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